you know how…? | ~じゃん?、~なことってあるじゃん?

you know how…?


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* 話題を切り出すのに便利なフレーズ。「一般教養」「あるあるネタ」「過去の言動」などを「~じゃん?」「~なことあるじゃん?」「~してたじゃん?」という形で相手に確認することで、スムーズに話の導入ができる
*「how」の後は完全な文章を続ける。「You know how 主語 述語…?」や、「when」を続け、「You know how when 主語 述語…? 」(=~なことあるじゃん?)など

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Mysta:You know how I said that this reminds me of a cow, right? Because a cow’s mouth fits into here. Do you see what I mean? Like the bottom, like this part. It fits there, right? So it looks like a cow, and a cow goes moo. They also had the same idea as me except their way of showing it isn’t… is like this. What?! That is not… That is way more complex than the way that I thought about it.


Nice to meet you.

Ren: Uki, have you ever seen the movie Aladdin?
Uki: Yes.
Ren: You know, you know how they go on a magic carpet ride? Well, I’m an, I’m an alien. So I can take you on a magic, like, UFO ride across the universe.


Pomu: Yeah, amusement park dates are fun because there’s lots to do, good food, and fun things.
Elira: I like spending money. So like, you know how when you go to the amusement park and things are like a bajillion dollars?
Pomu: Yeah.
Elira: Yeah, I love that.

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Reimu: You know how sometimes streamers kind of, you know, kind of get super popular because of one specific content? And then, it’s really, it’s pretty difficult for them to, to start streaming other stuff because people are just no longer interested.

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